"A Studio Painter" is what I am. I'm in love with my studio/gallery. If I had my choice, I would give up all cooking, baking, house chores, book keeping, and just give in to my passion, painting. Located at the base of the west hills of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon 2 miles north of Historic Jacksonville, we have called this home for 30 years. However my studio/gallery found its origin in 2000 in what we called our Guest House. With the help and encouragement of my husband, family members and God-Son/Nephew who is a carpenter, it was transformed into a space that inspires me to create and develop my art. It is a space that is clean and bright and allows me to display and exhibit my work. Oh yes, and thanks to the encouragement of my eldest son, I have the joy of listening to my stereo system while I create. It is a joy to share this space with other artists and my clients.
I almost forgot, I also share the space with Wilber the prize winning pig and Templeton the rat.
Oh, and I am Charlotte.

Thanks to all who make it possible.


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